DIY Concrete Deck & Steel Pergola

My wife has wanted a nice private place that she can do yoga and we can do breath work sessions together!

Originally I planned on building a wood deck with pergola. I decided that using concrete and steel would be better for longevity.

The price in materials wasn’t that much different but doing a wood deck would require ongoing maintenance. Also doing concrete and steel would require more tools and skills in order to complete it.

To do concrete and steel would require a cement mixer (if mixing bags by hand), the steel requires welding and a special saw to cut it.

It comes down to what is going to work best for your specific project and budget.

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Lessons Learned

Since this was the first time that I’ve done a concrete slab of this size, I learnt a lot about how fast concrete cures and sets.

We live in the desert and concrete cures fast at this time of year so it may have helped to have an extra set of hands to do the floating and troweling while the rest of the slab is being poured.

The slab itself came out good. It isn’t as smooth as I would’ve like but being my first attempt, I’m satisfied with it.

Steel is heavy (and expensive)! I had to get my neighbor to help me haul the pergola posts and steel bits home from Industrial Metal Supply.

I know why a lot of people build with wood. It is certainly a lot cheaper than using steel. Steel does have some benefits for it’s look and longevity.

I wanted this pergola to be as maintenance-free as possible and steel is a great choice for that!

I could’ve brought the pergola posts more inward and have a bigger space between the end of the form and the posts. There was about 3″ to 3 1/2″ which was just enough space to use my concrete edger. I did measure before we poured to ensure there was enough space for the tool to fit in there.

There are still some more steps to finishing the yoga pavilion and I’ll be adding more videos as I complete them!

Questions?? Ask below 🙂


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    Derick, I plan on being in town to visit my father inlaw I was wondering if we could come by and help on a project?
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