The #1 Mistake New Off Grid Homesteaders Make

“There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.” Napoleon Hill Off Grid Living Is Expensive… Initially When I’ve spoken with other excited homesteaders in our area, a comment I hear often is, “I didn’t realize how expensive this was going to be!” In […]

Top 5 Issues with Nickel-Iron (NiFe) Batteries

I get asked a fair amount on both the Youtube channel and in email’s why we don’t use NiFe batteries or if there are any advantages to using them over the lithium-ion EV batteries that we use. My current view is that NiFe batteries provide almost no extra benefits for a lot of extra downsides, […]

The Rainwater Harvesting Rain Roof

When we first picked out the spot to put our tiny house, I wanted to find a location where I’d be able to build some type of roof structure uphill from it. I was inspired by my buddy Joe from the Homesteadonomics YouTube channel where he built a rainwater harvesting surface using an old billboard […]